Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tricks for Samsung - Fastest Way to See the Current Date and Time Corby 2

By 123inztructor on 4:20 PM
Today I will share you just a simple tip and tricks for samsung corby 2. This is very simple and I know many of us Corbytors knew this already. But I am 100% sure that some also didn't this.

Since the time of cell phones and mobile phones arrived, we people all over the world obtained all the benefits that these devices brought to us. Sending messages are now very simple compare to early time, we are using a snail mail that took too long to arrive to our receiver.

From simple cell phones and mobile phones, all our phone manufacturer such as Samsung, Nokia, Ericson, Blackberry, Cherry Mobile, even Microsoft did all their ingenuity to make cell phones more sophisticated. Cell phones and mobiles phones today can be use as music and video players, cameras, function as TV and radio. And some simple  functions are they can be use to instantly see your current date and time not only in your current location but also worldwide. See here. Cool isn't it? Well, that's just one function of my samsung corby 2 phone that I recently bought. My phone only cost about 6000 pesos here in our province and maybe that cost is lesser if I bought it in Manila.

Let's get down to business. The fastest way to see your samsung corby 2 phone current date and time is very simple. See the image below.

As you can on the image above. It is a captured image from my corby 2 phone. The current screen was locked. Yes, you only have to lock your corby 2 phone and press the Menu key to preview your locked screen. A locked screen of corby 2 will provide the image above (how to unlock and lock corby 2? click here). Showing you the current date and time of your current location. To know different times worldwide click here for the trick.

That's it! Hope this very simple tricks for samsung adds to the additional knowledge of optimizing the use of your samsung corby 2 phone. Cheers!

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