Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tricks for Samsung - Know Different Country Times Using Your Corby 2

By 123inztructor on 3:24 PM
Good morning, good noon, good afternoon, good evening, good night, good midnight, LOL! Whatever time is it all over the world, still when it comes to reading an article, post or blog on the internet, time doesn't matter. That's why it is more safer to use the "Good Day!" phrase as a general term when greeting your visitors using your articles or posts.

Now I will teach you how to know different country times using your Samsung corby 2 phone. I knew some already knew this samsung corby 2 feature but for sure some also didn't. This feature is definitely built in for all samsung corby 2 phones.

Here's how it's done. Just follow the steps below. Please excuse my Menus, I am using my Avril Lavigne theme on my samsung corby 2 phone when I thought making this simple tips and tricks for samsung corby 2.


1. First go to Clock and press its icon to enter the clock menu.

 2. Inside the Clock Menu, we have there 4 tabs, thus, the Alarm, Global Time, Timer and the Countdown timer. Just press the Global Time, the one with the globe and clock over it. Then just press ADD to start adding the other country and city time you wanted to add.

 3. Then on the input box provided, just type the name of the country and city you wanted to know the exact time. For the example below I used Los Angeles, USA. Samsung corby 2 will auto fill the text and GMT for you, which on my example the GMT is -8. GMT means Greenwich Mean Time, and I really don't knew these words.

 4. After that just press the Los Angeles, USA on the list that will appear to add it on your own list of time.

That's it. This simple tips and tricks for samsung - corby 2 are just based on my personal usage of my own samsung corby 2 phone. Don't just buy phone, explore your phones to its maximum usage. Exploring with care will lead you to discover more secrets and uses of your phone on your own.

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