Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tricks for Samsung - Samsung Corby 2 Phone Layout

By 123inztructor on 1:00 AM
Parts based on numbers
  1. Charger outlet - this is where you plug in your samsung corby 2 charger and plug the other end to the power source.
  2. Head set or earphone outlet - this is where you plug your earphone or head set to hear your samsung corby 2 music or a call on your own.
  3. POWER and Lock Key - this is where you Lock your samsung corby 2 phone and turn it ON or OFF. Pressing this key for an instant will make your phone locked and pressing this key a little longer will display a prompt asking you whether you wanted your phone to turn of or not. 

  4. Micro SD slot - this is where you put your memory card to transfer data or to add additional memory by to store your phone files.
  5. End Key - this is where you cancel a call or a menu and go back to the idle mode
  6. Menu Key - this is where all your samsung corby 2 phones menu items are located. These items includes the clock, camera, IM, facebook, twitter, youtube, memo, tasks, my accounts, calculator, FM radio, voice recorder, video player, dictionary, games, internet, log, social hub, music, email, my files, calendar, samsung apps, and settings.
  7. Dial Key - this is where you make a call.
  8. Phone touch screen - this is where you touch the screen to make input data such as text, navigate your phone's files and menu items, etc.
  9. Phone Volume Key - this is where you adjust your samsung corby 2 phone sound volumes. Pressing the lower part of the key will lower the level of volume and pressing the upper part of the key will increase the level of the volume.

Parts based on numbers
  1. Camera lens - this is use to capture photos and record your own videos.
  2. Speaker - this is where your samsung corby 2 sounds appears.
  3. Back cover opener - this is where you put the tip of your finger nail to open the back of your phone.
This simple tips and tricks for samsung is just base on my personal usage of may samsung corby 2 phone. Maybe some of you already knew this. I hope that this tricks for samsung - corby 2 will be a help for others.

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