Monday, September 24, 2012

Tricks for Samsung - Copy, Select & Paste Text on your Corby 2 Phone Part 1

By 123inztructor on 4:36 AM
Now I will teach you the following:
  • How to select a text, number or special characters on your samsung corby 2 phone text messages and paste it on your own text message.
The editing tools above are present on many different word processing, spreadsheets and presentations specially the Microsoft Office and the Open Office Org.. Since our samsung corby 2 phones are equipped with one of the latest technology today, the touchscreen technology, we can also copy, select/select all, cut and paste texts, numbers and special characters on our samsung corby 2 phones.

How to Select text,  numbers, and special characters on your samsung corby 2 phone text messages then paste it on your own text message.

1. To select a TEXT or WORD on a text message. Just go to the text message you want to copy a text or word.
2. Then gently press wipe your thumb without releasing it over the word or text that you wanted to select until the + arrow up and negative arrow down appears.

3. After the + arrow up and - arrow down appears, quickly remove your thumb and the text or word will be automatically selected and the Copy option will appear above the selected text. See the image below. The word or text I selected is the word "corby".

4. Just press Copy to copy your text or word.
5. Then press Messages > Compose > Tap to Add Text.
6. Once again, gently press wipe your thumb without releasing it on the blank text field.
7. When you successfully done the step 6, a Paste option will appear above the text field of your Tap to Add Text. See the picture below.

8. Just press Paste to paste your copied text or word from your text message. The word I copied earlier was "corby". See the image below.

Please follow the word GENTLY press wipe your screen while doing this tricks for samsung corby 2. And be patient because its not easy to do when its your first time doing this tricks for samsung. This trick will be a big help to copy an unfamiliar word and easily paste it on your own text message. I hope that this will be a big help for those who didn't know this trick yet.

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