Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tricks for Samsung - Instantly Magnify a Text Message

By 123inztructor on 1:36 AM
This trick is very simple yet provides better vision of your samsung corby 2 text messages. This really helps for those samsung corby 2 owners that has poor vision.

I discover this trick for samsung corby 2 phone accidentally. And even though its not that useful to me because I still can read even the smallest font a samsung corby 2 phone can apply on text messages I will still this simple yet useful tricks for samsung

Now to do this simple trick for samsung corby 2 phone that you own just follow the simple steps below.


  1. Go to the message you want to magnify.
  2. Then simple put your thumb on the screen of your samsung corby 2 phone.
  3. Gently press wipe your thumb across your samsung corby 2 screen and wait for the - arrow down and + arrow up symbols to appear.
  4. Once the + and - arrows are visible, wiping your thumb down without releasing it will make your text message to became smaller up to its default size and wiping your thumb up without releasing will make your text message bigger.
See the image below for the example of the press wiping process.

Please excuse the blurred image above because I personally taken the image above. You can see on the image the + and the - arrows.

Hope that this tricks for samsung corby 2 will help others and add as additional shortcut functionality for their samsung corby 2 phones.

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