Monday, September 24, 2012

Tricks for Samsung - Copy, Cut, Select & Paste Text on your Corby 2 Phone Part 2

By 123inztructor on 3:56 PM
This is the part 2 of the first Tricks for Samsung - Copy, Select & Paste Text on your Corby 2 Phone Part 1. The part 1 showed you how to copy a text or word from a text message of your samsung corby 2 phone and paste it on your own text message.

Now on this post, I will teach you how to select/select all, cut and paste your own text or phrase on your own text message.

To do so, just follow the simple steps below. It's no difference with part 1. The only difference is that on part 1 you copied a text or word from your sender's text message but here, you will copy your own text message or phrase that you really typed in on your Tap to Add Text.

Here are the simple steps:

1. Press Messages > Compose > Tap to add text.

2. Type in the "Tricks for samsung" phrase. See my image below.

3. Then gently press wipe your thumb without releasing it over the word or text "samsung". Note that when selecting just a word or text see to it the cursor is behind the 1st letter of the word (see the image below)

or at the end of the last letter of the word you wanted to select (see the image below). If the cursor is positioned in the middle or the second or fourth letter, the selected word will be incomplete.

4. After doing step 3 the Select and Select All options will appear above the Tap to add text. You can either select just the "samsung" word or the whole "Tricks for samsung" phrase. Refer to the image below.

5. Saying that you only wanted to select the word or text "samsung". So just press Select and the Copy, Cut and Select All option will appear. Now its up to you which option you will choose. Whether you just want to copy the samsung word or cut the samsung word. Or re-select all the words.

6. Saying that you just copied the word or text "samsung", just go to Messages > Compose > Tap to add Text and gently press wipe your thumb until the Paste option appears. See the image below.

 7. Just press the Paste option (see the image at step 6) and the word "samsung" will be pasted on your other text message.

The same goes with the Cut and when you opted to select all words or texts. And remember, while pressing, just GENTLY press your touchscreen for your samsung corby 2 phone's safety. This tricks for samsung is just the second part of the Tricks for Samsung - Copy, Select & Paste Text on your Corby 2 Phone Part 1.

Hopefully this tricks for samsung will help those who didn't know this yet. Cheers!

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