Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tricks for Samsung - How To Activate Fake Calls Corby 2

By 123inztructor on 11:03 PM
For today's post I will teach you how to make or ACTIVATE FAKE CALLS for your Samsung Corby 2 phone. The question is, why do you want to activate the fake call feature of your Samsung Corby 2 phone? The answers are the following;

Tricks for Samsung - How To Activate Fake Calls Corby 2
  1. You can use FAKE CALLS as an excuse if you wanted to live your blind date.
  2. You can also use FAKE CALLS to make someone call your number even though there is none.
To activate fake calls on your Corby 2 phone, follow the simple steps below.

step 1


step 2

In the FAKE CALL SETTINGS do the following :

FAKE CALL HOT KEY - Enable it by tapping it (it is enabled when the gray circle is colored green)
FAKE CALL TIMER - Set the timer to 5 SECONDS
  • Use fake call voice - Enable it also
  • Record voice - tap it to record your voice or anyone's voice
  • Play recorded voice - use it to preview your recorded voice
  • Name - Any name that you wanted for your fake caller
  • Number - Any number that you wanted for your fake caller
  • Fake caller image - any image that you wanted for your fake caller
step 3

Now tap SAVE to save your Fake call settings.

step 4

To activate your FAKE CALL, jut LONG PRESS the lower button of your Corby 2 VOLUME KEY. When a message saying "FAKE CALL ACTIVATED" appear, then your FAKE CALL will be activated at exactly after 5 SECONDS since you set the FAKE CALL TIMER into 5 SECONDS at STEP 2. If you are not familiar with the Corby 2 parts, you can read here. You can also activate your fake call even your Corby 2 phone is locked.

Now you can make fake calls using your Corby 2 phone. Hopefully this simple trick for samsung corby 2 phone will help you in some ways. God bless always pals!

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