Monday, December 10, 2012

Accessing Task Manager of Samsung Corby 2 Phone

By 123inztructor on 11:04 PM
Today I will show the process of accessing task manager for your samsung corby 2 phone. Before anything else, we have some questions to answer, these questions are the following :

1. What is a task manager?
2. Is accessing task manager easy?
3. Is accessing task manager necessary?
4. Is accessing task manager can be done via shortcut keys?

Accessing Task Manager of Samsung Corby 2 Phone

First of all, what is a task manager and what is its uses and how important it is for your samsung corby 2 phone. A task manager is a built in application on your corby 2 phone. You can understand the meaning of it by just concentrating on the word TASK which mean job or applications and MANAGER which means the one that manages. For short a task manager lists all the available and all used or active applications that your corby 2 phone has during a certain period of time. This list can be the opened music player, your home screen and many other applications. Like the computer's task manager, when you're currently typing a word document in the Microsoft Office Word and you open the task manager, you will see there the Microsoft Office Word on the list of the active applications. Same goes for your corby 2 phone.

The second question is accessing task manager easy? The answer is 100% yes! because you can easily access task manager of your corby 2 phone by going to Menu > Settings > About phone > System Info > CPU > Task Manager. (For the complete list of parts and layout of corby 2 phone click here.) For computers, task manager can be accessed by pressing the CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys or right clicking the taskbar and pressing the task manager.

The third question is, is accessing task manager necessary? Yes it is, since accessing task manager will enable you to see the list of all active applications on your phone. Seeing the available list of application will then enable you terminate them. Most of the time I always find the music player is still running even though its not playing music. This is memory consuming and battery energy wasting if you do not terminate it. This will also make your phone lags a lot.

Last but not the least is, is accessing can be done via shortcut keys? Also 100% yes! You can access the task manager of your corby 2 phone by doing the following action :
Just HOLD PRESS the MENU KEY of your corby 2 phone. After that your corby 2 phone task manager will appear.
Hope this simple article about accessing task manager of your corby 2 phone helps you to save battery energy, prevent phone lags and prevent memory consuming applications. God bless always and take care pals!

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