Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Turn your Android into a Remote - Controlling Windows Run command

By 123inztructor on 10:57 PM
Now we are going to do the trick of running or opening a program using the Run command function of our mobile witch remote control.

As you can see on the image at the left, if you are a Windows Xp, Vista, 7 user you knew how to use the Run command. But can you imagine using that Run command directly using your samsung corby 2 phone? Sounds great and cool isn't it?

On the other hand this trick is also applicable and can be done using other types of phones or cell phones. As long as your phone supports Java apps and you can install the mobile witch remote control on your phone. We all knew that Java applications commonly has the extension of JAR or JAD. So if your phone supports this type application then lets proceed to doing the trick.

First of all you will need to finish the first trick tutorial here. This contains all the installations of your remote control on your computer and phone, all the needed applications and device, etc.. Once you're done do the steps below.

1. On the Mobile witch remote control main cpanel select Utilities and press OK. See the image on the left.

2. Now inside Utilities you are given two options to choose. Select the Run command and press OK to continue.

3. Now for my example on the image at the left, I tried to open a text editor Notepad on my computer using my mobile witch remote control on my corby 2 phone. So I just typed in Notepad and press Done.

Immediately after pressing Done a Notepad will pop up and open on your computer.

You can also try the following Run commands.
  • calc - calculator
  • cmd - command prompt
  • dxdiag - directx diagnostic
  • control - control panel
  • desk.cpl - display properties
  • mspaint - paint
  • winword - word
  • powerpnt - powerpoint
  • regedit - registry
  • msconfig - configuration
  • For more Run commands follow this link : 175 Run Commands For Windows XP
That's it! Hope you enjoy doing this trick Turn your Android into a Remote - Controlling Windows Run command. Take care and God bless always pals. Cheers!

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