Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Turn your Android into a Remote - Send Message from Phone to Computer

By 123inztructor on 11:33 PM
Now imagine sending a free message from your samsung corby 2 phone to your computer or laptop. Another cool trick isn't it?

Sending a message from your phone to computer is another built in feature of mobile witch remote control. And its very simple to do.

For you to be able to do this Turn your Android into a Remote - Send Message from Phone to Computer you must first do this tutorial,click here. And also please note that even though I am using my samsung corby 2 phone here as an example of phone used you can also do this trick to other types of phones or cellphones as long as they support Java applications.

Now when you're done doing the tutorial given on the link above, proceed to the steps below.

1. On the Mobile witch remote control main cpanel select Utilities and press OK. See the image on the left.

2. On the Utilities control panel select Send Message option and press OK to continue. Please excuse my image on the left run command is the selected and not the Send message.

3. Now just type your message on the text field and press Done when you are done typing in your message. This message will be instantly sent on your computer once you have pressed Done. For my image example I typed "A message from my phone".

4. Once you have pressed Done the "A message from my phone" will now appear on the center of your screen. Cool trick once again courtesy of your mobile witch remote control app.

This is the last tutorial for Turn your Android into a Remote and hopefully you've learned a lot while doing all the trick tutorials. Thank you for patiently reading and following all our tutorials, tricks, tips, themes, wallpapers and ring tones. We promise to continue serving you quality services for free on this public service blog. Take care and God bless always pals. Cheers!

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