Friday, October 12, 2012

Turn your Android into a Remote - Corby 2 Keyboard Mode

By 123inztructor on 6:50 PM
This trick is the third part for the post Turn your Android into a Remote - Corby 2. For the first part of the trick click here. Turn your Android into a Remote - Corby 2 Installation Process. And for the second part click here. Turn your Android into a Remote - Corby 2 Mouse Mode.

Now for the third trick, the Keyboard mode. You can now move the cursor of a text editor using your corby 2 phone. See the image below for the screen captured Help.

As you can see on the left image the Numbers

2 = move the cursor Up
8 = move the cursor Down
4 = move the cursor Left
6 = move the cursor Right
7 = TAB

Just press 123 key to go to the control panel of your keyboard mode.

In the keyboard mode the functions stated above are the only thing you can do. At first, I thought I can also type in some letters and numbers but not. As you can see on the image below, the keyboard mode control panel.

We have here letters, but I couldn't type letters. We also have numbers but their functions are for the stated functions above.

To test the functions above you have to open a Word document or a Notepad.

To go back to the keyboard mode main menu just Press the 4 triangles with a + inside.

For the keyboard mode, I can rate this app 5/10 because it can't type letters and numbers. Well still, a cool Java app. Maybe the developers of the Mobile witch remote control are still making innovations for this pretty cool Java app.

This tricks for samsung are based on my personal usage of my corby 2 phone using the keyboard mode of my Mobile witch remote control app. Hope this would be helpful to you guys. Cheers!

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