Friday, October 12, 2012

Turn your Android into a Remote - Corby 2 Mouse Mode

By 123inztructor on 6:49 PM
This trick is the second part for the post Turn your Android into a Remote - Corby 2. For the first part of the trick click here. Turn your Android into a Remote - Corby 2 Installation Process.

For this trick we are now going to navigate our computer using its mouse pointer using our corby 2 phone. On other simple terms we will make your computer's mouse pointer move using the Mouse Mode of our Mobile witch Remote control.

Here are some screenshots of my computer from my corby 2 phone. Note that these screenshots are actually on my samsung corby 2 phone. You can monitor and see your actual desktop inside your phone.

This screenshot is near the Log Off and Turn Off button of my computer.

This screenshot is the Start menus

Lastly, this screenshot is the All Programs menus

Now to do this trick and navigate your computer using Mouse mode. Do the following steps.

1. Open first your Mobile witch on your computer and plug in your Bluetooth device on your usb port.
2. Then on your corby 2 phone open your Bluetooth.
3. Then go to Menu > Games > and open your MWRemoteCtrl app.
4. Just follow the same process as discussed on the part 1 of this trick. Click here for the part 1.
5. On the Mobile witch control panel select Mouse Mode and press OK.
6. Now your corby 2 phone screen will view the exact the same view where your computer mouse pointer is located.
7. To navigate your computer just press the Up, Down, Left and Right keys (the four triangles).
8. To click an icon, folder or button just press OK located on the lower right part of your corby 2 mouse mode screen.

That's it! Hope you enjoy this trick. This Turn your Android into a Remote are just all proven and tested by me. And hopefully by sharing this trick it would be also useful to you. Good luck and God bless. Cheers!

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