Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Easily Take a Selfie Photo Using Your Corby 2

By 123inztructor on 7:14 PM
For this post I will show you how to take photos of yourself so easily using your corby 2 phone. You don't need to do it using a mirror. Yes! also don't need to touch the camera button while trying to project the camera lens to you (which is a little hard to do) just to be able to take a photo. Using this technique, you will not just be a photographer taking photos of your friends because you can join them on the picture that you are taking. To be able to do this follow the simple steps below.


1. Press your Corby 2 Menu button and find your Camera icon and click on it.

Corby 2 camera icon

2. Now press the GEAR icon or the Settings.

3. Press the [ OFF ] designated for the Timer.

Corby 2 camera settings for timer

4. Inside the TIMER option, you will find there the OFF, 2 seconds, 5 and 10 seconds. If you are taking only a selfie photo (photo of your self), I would suggest using the 5 seconds. But if you are more than 2, then use the 10 seconds to be able to prepare yourself to go to the position where the lens of your Corby 2 camera is projected.

Corby 2 camera timer options

5. Just press the kinda E button to save your Settings. See the image below.

saving the corby 2 camera option for seconds

6. Then you are now in the 5-second mode of taking a photo,as you can see on the image below, it is now set to 5 seconds.

corby 2 5-second mode for taking photos

7. Now using this mode, once you press the camera button you have 5 seconds to prepare yourself for the best pose and then point the camera of your Corby 2 phone projected to your face. Note, 5 seconds is the allotted time, so before that 5 seconds expire make sure you are already in your best pose. If you are finding it hard for 5 seconds, then use the maximum mode which is 10 seconds.

Well that's it! I hope this one will help you take photos not only for yourself but for others more easily. If you don't wanna get behind or don't just want to be the photographer, you can now join the photos you are taking by just setting your Corby 2 phone with a timer. Enjoy!

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