Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tricks for Samsung - How to Protect Your Corby 2 Phone

By 123inztructor on 11:44 PM
For this post I will show you how I manage to use my samsung corby 2 phone at ease. We knew that a touchscreen phone is very sensitive. We cannot put our corby 2 phone inside our pocket. For the girls who use corby 2 phones, they can put the phone inside their bags but boys like me do not brings bag even during my working times.

As you can see on the picture below my corby 2 phone. In order for me to protect my phone from scratches, and other potential hazards that might happen I put the phone an I.D holder.

Tricks for Samsung - How to Protect Your Corby 2 Phone

The benefits of this ID holder are the following :
  1. I can put my phone on my neck like an actual ID.
  2. I can drive my motorcycle at ease without worrying that my phone is on my pocket
  3. I can also easily put my earphone to my corby 2 phone to listen to the music that I love while I am driving or in anything that I do.
  4. Less scratches on my samsung corby 2 phone screen.
  5. I can hide my phone inside my jacket to prevent it from snatching.
  6. I don't have to worry that my phone will accidentally drop off my hand.
  7. I can also let other see that I also have the latest gadgets like samsung corby 2 phone.
  8. Additional look for my office outfit during my everyday work
  9. And many other benefits.
You can also  try putting an ID holder on your own corby 2 phone. And if you feel that a big corby 2 phone doesn't look good in front of your dress then you can put a jacket to hide the phone. After all the security of our phone is our priority. Our phone has many uses specially in our daily lives.

Hope this simple tip, advice and trick will help you preserve the coolness and beauty of your corby 2 phone. God bless always pals and take good care of your phone and also yourselves.

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