Monday, October 15, 2012

Turn your Android into a Remote - Corby 2 Controlling Winamp Player

By 123inztructor on 4:19 PM

This "Turn your android into a remote trick for corby 2 Controlling Winamp Player" is not the main part of this trick. In order to do this trick you must first do the main methods. Click here for the tutorial.

Just like the previous applications I discussed for our mobile witch remote control, the next Windows application we are going control using our samsung corby 2 phone is the Winamp media player.

To start with this trick be ware that you must first do the tutorial given on the link above to be able to do the following methods. Saying that you already did, proceed to the following steps below.

1. On the Mobile witch remote control main cpanel select Application Mode and press OK. See the image on the left.

2. For the next step, select Winamp and press OK to continue.

3. Now that you're on the control panel of your Winamp. You can now use your samsung corby 2 phone to control it.

Play - is use to play a media
Pause - use to stop specific event or time of a media
Stop - use to stop a music
Previous - use to go back and play to the recent media being played
Next - use to play the next media on the list
Volume Up - use to increase the volume of the Winamp player
Volume Down - use to decrease the volume of the Winamp player

That's it. Please do note that even though I am using my samsung corby 2 phone as example here, you can also use your own phone or cell phone for this tutorial. As long as your phone or cell phone supports Java apps wherein you can install the mobile witch remote control.

This tricks are just based on my personal usage of my samsung corby 2 phone. Hope this can be a help for you. Cheers!

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