Saturday, October 13, 2012

Turn your Android into a Remote - Corby 2 Controlling Firefox

By 123inztructor on 12:42 AM
This "Turn your android into a remote trick for corby 2 Controlling Firefox" is not the main part of this trick. In order to do this trick you must first do the main methods. Click here for the tutorial.

After doing the tutorial on the link above, do the following steps :

1. On the Mobile witch remote control main cpanel select Application Mode and press OK. See the image below.

2. On your computer open a Mozilla Firefox browser. Then go back on your samsung corby 2 phone, select Firefox and press OK. See the image below.

3. Now for the functions : Back functions as the previous page you visited or viewed on your firefox. Refresh we all knew is use to refresh the firefox browser. Next Tab will make you jump from your current tab to another tab if there is any. Close Tab will close the present tab you are viewing. New Tab will open a blank new tab. Home will redirect your firefox page to its homepage. History will show you the list of all recorded history of your firefox browser.

Note that we are using our corby 2 phone here to control our Mozilla firefox browser on our local computer.

This trick is the second application mode function of the mobile witch remote control. Hope you found this trick useful. Cheers!

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