Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tricks for Samsung - How to Capture TV Images Using Corby 2

By 123inztructor on 10:03 AM
Now my next trick for samsung corby 2 phone is using our corby 2 phone to capture a clear image on our television.

We knew that all samsung corby 2 phones have good quality of captured videos, and non moving captured images but low quality captured images during the night even though we activated the night mode and other effects such as fluorescent and white balance.

One of the thing I really need when posting pictures on my blogs are pictures that I really captured my own. One day I decided to capture an image on our television but sad to say the picture quality is really poor and the image has horizontal stripes. Definitely those images I captured is not good to use for my blogs.

Then one day, I discovered how to take a television picture without that stripes. To do so, just follow my simple procedures. By the way the image below is a sample of image taken from television using my samsung corby 2 phone.

1. Open your samsung corby 2 phone camera.
2. Make sure the lights outside and inside your house are just exact. Not to bright and not to dim.

3. Aim your samsung corby 2 phone shooter on your television show.
4. Make sure that the distance between your samsung corby 2 phone and your television screen will not be less than 2.25 feet. Yeah! 2.25 feet. As you will notice that when you aim your samsung corby 2 phone more closer, those horizontal stripes appear and aiming it a little far will make the stripes vanish. You can adjust the distance that suits your position. After you got your position capture your television scene picture.

Don't worry even though you position a little far away on the television. Don't forget that our samsung corby 2 phone has the pixel of 2.0 and all the images that it captures has the maximum size of 1600 x 1200 resolution. That resolution is still big, and you can still magnify your captured image.

Now you can have your own captured images only by taking pictures on your own television. This tricks for samsung are based on my personal used of my samsung corby 2 phone. Hope this will help you! Cheers!

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