Friday, October 5, 2012

Tricks for Samsung - How to Block or Unblock Contact Corby 2

By 123inztructor on 8:13 AM
Today my post for the tricks for samsung corby 2 phone are the following topics. First is How to block a contact on your corby 2 phone and the other one is how to unblock a blocked contact on your corby 2 phone.

Now, why do we block a contact? Personally, I block a contact if that contact of mine is really annoying or a spammer. Everyone hates those person who text nonsense or those person whom you didn't even knew who he is, yet he keeps texting or messaging you. Another one is a spammer, persons or contacts who sends double messages or even more than two or three messages having the same contents. Because of their spam messages, you might get interrupted to read or receive important messages on your corby 2 phone. Lastly, the last reason why I block a contact, specially a girl contact is to avoid questioning from my girlfriend. Here in the Philippines, it is a practice to those boy or girl in a relationship to check their mobile phone or cell phones for suspicious text messages that might came from another boy or girl when they met or went to a date, for short another boyfriend or girlfriend. The blocking option of a text message really helped me to hide texts from my other girlfriend during the time when I got two girlfriends (but not now).

To block a number or contact on your samsung corby 2 phone, just follow the simple steps below.

1. Go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Messages > General settings > Block messages.
2. Now press Create
3. Tap on the Address to display Recent and Contacts
4. Tap Contacts to display the list of your contacts
5. Select and check the name of the contact you wanted to block and press Add
6. Then press Save to finish the blocking process.

Another way to block a contact is directly through your INBOX.

1. Just go to Messages > Inbox
2. Open a the message of the sender you want to block
3. Then press the three dots between the Delete and Back.
4. On the appearing menu select Block by Address

Now to unblock a blocked contact or number just do the steps below.

1. Go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Messages > General settings > Block messages
2. Then press the three dots between the Create and Back.
3. Press Delete
4. Then tap on the blocked contact or number to check it and press Delete

That's it! This tricks for samsung corby 2 phone are just based on my personal used of my samsung corby 2 phone. Hope the simple steps on how to block and unblock contacts or numbers on your samsung corby 2 phones will help you. Cheers!

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  1. with Samusung Corby 2 blocking via Messages Inbox can be accidentally done since it is touch screen, double tapping may lead to blocking of a contact without you knowing it. You can only check it through opening your spam box or opening your issue log.