Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tricks for Samsung - Use your Draft Box to Hide Messages

By 123inztructor on 7:34 PM
Every time I buy a new phone or cell phone I always explore its uses to the maximum. I didn't even mind to broke my own phone. Then after one day while I'm just exploring different parts and functions of my new samsung corby 2 phone I noticed that when I saved a draft message on the draft box, the draft box is nowhere to be found.

For a newbie user of samsung corby 2 phone (but not now), it took about an hour for me to find my draft box. And after finding my draft box I just slapped myself because its just there next to the Outbox. See the image below.

You can see on the image above the light-colored portion of the Outbox which means that there is still a next menu there when you wipe the screen which is your Draft box.

Please don't mind the messages on the image above. LOL! Then once I am on the draft box I found all the messages that I hide before.

I am hiding all my secret messages there and luckily my girl friend didn't even came close to find my draft box. I don't know whether this trick will be effective on you. But it really worked for me. Samsung corby 2 phone saved my secret messages from my secret senders. Yeah!

This simple tips and tricks for samsung is just base on my personal usage of may samsung corby 2 phone. Maybe some of you already knew this. I hope that this tricks for samsung - corby 2 will be a help for others. Cheers!

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