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General Tau Gamma Samsung Corby 2 Theme

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General Tau Gamma Samsung Corby 2 Theme Wallpaper
General Tau Gamma Samsung Corby 2 Theme Menu
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Tau Gamma - Samsung Corby 2 Themes Free Downloads

This Samsung Corby 2 Theme was inspired by one of the most popular and respected fraternity in the Philippines today, the Tau Gamma Phi.

Tau Gamma Phi is also known as Triskelions' Grand Fraternity or Triskelion for short. Their members called themselves Triskelions. Basically the fraternity was built and founded here in the Philippines.

With about 800,000 registered members, the Tau Gamma Phi is one of the most largest fraternities in the Philippines. The Tau Gamma Phi are for male members and for the female members the fraternity is called the Tau Gamma Sigma or Triskelion's Grand Sorority.

On the other hand I am not a fraternity guy and really don't know what are the functions or importance of any fraternities. I only knew that the world fraternity means "BROTHERHOOD" which means kapatiran in Filipino. Here in Philippines the word fraternity when heard by one ordinary people is a bad word. I really don't get it. Maybe because of many news that came up on television regarding the deaths of some fraternity members. But I believe that not all fraternities are bad. Some of theme are well-organized and have good leaders that leads to good members and followers.

The Samsung Corby 2 Themes free downloads - Tau Gamma Theme has a combination of an abstract background or wallpaper, the Tau Gamma Phi logo and the Oblation statue. This samsung corby 2 theme merely came from different point of views. My office mate only requested me to do it. And I don't know why he wanted the University of the Philippines Oblation statue be mixed with the Tau Gamma Phi logo. We knew that UP has their own fraternity called the Alpha Phi Omega or APO. On the other hand the main menus of this Samsung Corby 2 theme is just the default menus of a Samsung corby 2 theme phone or GT-S3850.

We hope that you will like this theme, we will be more glad if you post comments and suggestions or even reactions regarding this Samsung Corby 2 themes free downloads - Tau Theme.

If you don't see the theme that you wanted here or you wanted This Samsung Corby 2 Tau Gamma Phi theme to be modified according to your taste just comment and make your personal Samsung Corby 2 themes free downloads request. The Samsung Corby 2 theme request comment format should include the following :

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Here is your Samsung Corby 2 Themes free downloads details for Tau Gamma theme

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You can download the Samsung Corby 2 Tau Gamma theme here : Samsung Corby 2 Theme Free download - Tau Gamma Theme
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