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DOTA Mirana Samsung Corby 2 Theme 2

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DOTA Mirana Samsung Corby 2 Theme 2 Wallpaper
DOTA Mirana Samsung Corby 2 Theme 2 Menu
DOTA Mirana Theme Wallpaper
DOTA Mirana Theme Menu
These are the wallpaper and main menu icons for your Samsung Corby 2 themes free downloads. To download these theme just go to Samsung Corby 2 Themes free downloads - DOTA Theme Section.

DOTA Mirana - Samsung Corby 2 Themes Free Downloads

Drow Ranger Traxex Skills

- this skill is use to lunch a spell of star falling from the sky. This skill is limited to a certain range. Anything around Mirana will be damaged by this skill except her ally heroes. This skill is also good for gaining more gold since it has the ability to damaged all enemies within its range.

Elune's Arrow
- this skill is used to stun a hero enemy. The more farther it is cast the more longer the stun effect will be. But this skill requires a clear view of your target. Note that you have to cast this skill when there is no obstacle in front of your target. Any creeps or any hero enemy as long as its on the path of the arrow will be hit. This skill is usually combo with the third skill leap in order for Mirana to go more faster and closer to the hero enemy that she hit and stunned.

-this skill as I mentioned earlier is used to combo with the second skill of Mirana the elune's arrow. This skill is used to catch an escaping enemy. And most important use of this skill is to escape an enemy when Mirana is endangered. This skill will be launched on the direction where Mirana faces. It is very useful to make shortcut routes like dead end land, land surrounded by tress, and other obstacles found in DOTA map.

Moonlight Shadow
-this skill is use to hide Mirana and all her ally heroes. Basically it use to help a team mate hero to escape when he/she is endangered. But unlike any other invisibility skills, the moonlight shadow effect is not that long. And also canceled when you try to hit a hero or a creep.

The Samsung Corby 2 Themes free downloads - DOTA Mirana Theme has a combination of an abstract background or wallpaper and Mirana dota hero as the main front image. On the other hand the main menus of this Samsung Corby 2 theme uses some internet resources that are re-sized, cropped and edited from

We hope that you will like this theme, we will be more glad if you post comments and suggestions or even reactions regarding this Samsung Corby 2 themes free downloads - DOTA Mirana Theme.

If you don't see the theme that you wanted here or you wanted This Samsung Corby 2 Twitter theme to be modified according to your taste just comment and make your personal Samsung Corby 2 themes free downloads request. The Samsung Corby 2 theme request comment format should include the following :

Gender - so that we will be able to personalize your theme base on your gender.
Wallpaper - the samsung corby 2 wallpaper that you wanted for your theme samsung corby 2 theme.
Menu Icons - the samsung corby 2 menu icons that you wanted for your samsung corby 2 theme
Overall color - the main color of your samsung corby 2 theme.

Here is your Samsung Corby 2 Themes free downloads details for DOTA Mirana theme 2
File Name : Samsung Corby 2 DOTA Mirana Theme 2
Theme Size : 674 kb
Download host :
Owner :
You can download the Samsung Corby 2 DOTA Mirana Samsung Corby 2 Theme 2 here : Samsung Corby 2 Theme Free download - DOTA Mirana Samsung Corby 2 Theme 2

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